About Us

In 1995, a law was enacted that said all toilet models must use no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This was enacted by the EPA, which is a federal agency. Many states have their own laws as well in regards to water consumption. Therefore, many toilet models today have water-conservation technology.

Putting the fun facts aside, ToiletReviewer.com was started for one purpose; to assist homeowners with the task of picking the right toilet for their space. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current living situation, or flipping a home, a quality toilet is part of any renovation or better experience in your home.

We review various types of toilets, from portable, to bidets, or even dual-flush toilets. The one you choose will depend on your intended use. Nowadays, many users prefer high-end toilets, from trusted brands like Toto and Kohler.

How We Review Toilets

Our team of writers is composed of home improvement professionals. This means plumbers, handymen, and interior designers. We recently teamed up with an interior design group, who help us choose which products people want to see and read reviews about.

As far as our review process goes, we aim to provide the best and most accurate information possible. Every one of our guides is extremely detailed, often in the neighborhood of 3000 words or more!

We break down each model’s features, pricing, benefits, and drawbacks. We bring you the facts, so you don’t have to buy a certain toilet model, just to install it and not be happy with it. It’s important to know what’s good about a toilet, but specifically what can come as a surprise for you.

Our Team

Our team is currently composed of 3 full time writers, and one Editor (Isaac) who is the founder of the website. Isaac’s experience goes back to his days where he managed a large renovation company.

Part of his job as a General Manager of such a vast construction operation was to recommend various home products to his clients. As the company he worked for was focused on kitchen and bathroom renovations specifically, he often helped customers choose the right toilet model for their space and use.

Most often, he sold high-end toilets from Toto, which is why we have many reviews on each Toto model here on the site. We went as far as creating an entire review guide for the best Toto toilets, detailing everything you’ll need to know about each model.

Our Hope

Our hope is that we are successful with help you choose the right toilet for your home. Our goal is for you to understand what features each one has, and what is ideal for you. We’ll help you learn simple things; like what toilet height, water flow, type of toilet is right for you.

If you have any questions, lets us know how we can help by contacting us.