The Toto Neorest toilets comprise of a line of smart toilets that are not only automatic, but they also have numerous next-gen features. TOTO also came out with the Neorest 750H, which has a few more features this toilet doesn’t.

As of this year, the Neorest line has 8 models. The more recent the model, the more features it incorporates. This review focuses on the Neorest 700H which was first launched in 2013.

The 700H model is considered best for the money when you measure its features against its price. To find out more, continue to read our review of the Neorest 700H toilet. 

Toto Neorest 700H Review: Construction and Workmanship

The Neorest 700H is made from ceramic material which makes the toilet both strong, and durable.

The toilet lacks a tank and therefore, the bowl holds the electric pump that does the flushing.

Aside from the electric pump, the toilet also features a unique bowl construction.

Reviewing the Design Further

The design in conjunction with precisely placed water channels facilitate water efficiency and ensure complete waste removal.

Additionally, the 12-inch rough-in elongated bowl is comfortable and ideal for people of all age ranges—from children to the elderly.

The toilet is compact measuring about 17 ½ inches wide and extending 31 ½ inches from the wall. Its compact nature guarantees the toilet can fit in different sized bathrooms.

However, despite the compact nature, the toilet meets both the universal design and ADA size specifications.

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Features and Specifications of the Neorest 700H

CeFIONtect Glaze

The CeFIONtect glaze is a patented non-porous glaze that Toto uses on all its ceramic toilets.

The glaze or finish prevents waste, bacteria, and mold from sticking to any surface.

Note that it does not matter how tiny the waste is, as long as the toilet is coated with this glaze, the waste will not stick.

Because the waste does not stick, water sweeps the waste effortlessly.

Consequently, even 1 gallon of water can comprehensively remove solid waste. This saves on water by a significant margin. In states like California where the amount of water per flush is tightly controlled, the toilet is ideal.

The Tornado Flushing System

The Tornado Flushing System comprises internal water channels that direct water through openings found at the bottom and at the top of the bowl.

The water from the top opening cleans the bowl. A powerful jet of water spirals down from the top opening down to the bowl outlet while sweeping everything in its path.

The bottom opening then takes over and an equally powerful jet pushes everything into the drainpipe through the trap way. It is known as the tornado flush because water swirls around the bowl during a flush.

Note that the tornado flush mechanism fits in a rimless bowl design. As a result, there is the absence of dirt and bacteria that usually collect under the rim in toilets that have conventional rim holes.  In turn, you get a more hygienic toilet.

Ewater+ or Electrolyzed Water

The ewater+ is an outstanding innovation unique to the Neorest line of toilets.

Essentially, it converts normal tap water into an electrolyzed solution whose properties are similar to that of bleach.

After conversion, the electrolyzed water cleans the bowl surface and the wand. In a nutshell, the toilet produces its own cleaning solution. This helps keep the toilet hygienic and stain free.

Note that after 2 hours, the electrolyzed solution reverts back to normal tap water. As a result, the toilet does not add harmful chemicals to the environment.

Pre-Mist and After-Mist

Just before using the toilet, the Neorest 700H sprays a mist of ewater+ on the bowl surface. The mist is known as pre-mist and it aims to sanitize the bowl surface before use.

Similarly, once you are done with your business, the toilet sprays another mist known as after-mist on the bowl surface. The purpose is the same, to sanitize the toilet. If the toilet is unused for 8 hours, the mist of ewater+ kicks in again.

Note that both pre-mist and after-mist kick in automatically. As soon as you approach the toilet, the lid automatically opens and pre-mist kicks in.

Also, once you are done and you have already flushed, the after-mist kicks in. That makes the 700H extremely convenient.

With these two options, there is literally no chance of bacteria growing or of bad odors settling in. In essence, the toilet is as hygienic as it gets.

Multiple Wash Modes

The Neorest 700H features a Washlet or Electronic Bidet that has three wash modes.

With regards to wash modes, the 700H is a cut above other automatic toilets.

To start with, it offers the standard front and backwash modes. In addition, it also offers a pulsating and oscillating spray mode that can dislodge any stubborn “remnants” on your rear.

Soft Spraying Water Feature

Also, the toilet offers a final rinse with soft-spraying water just before the blower sets in. Note that unlike other automatic toilets that have pre-configured wand positions, the 700H allows you to adjust the wand position.

Consequently, you do not have to adjust your rear to get the best possible spray hit for a thorough cleanse. To make things even simpler for you, you can lock a certain position and set it as your preference for future use.

Self-Cleaning Wand

The 700H uses electrolyzed water to self-clean the wand after use. The ewater+ flushes any deposits and sanitizes the wand at the same time.

Note that this happens every time you use the wand. As a result, the wand remains clean, free of bacteria and hygienic.

Additional Features

For convenience purposes, the 700H has a lid that automatically opens and closes.

You never have to worry about children or anyone leaving the lid up.

The toilet comes with remote control for ease of programming preferences. The remote has an illuminated touchpad which ensures you can use the remote in darkness or low light.

The 700H’s Heated Seat

The 700H comes with a heated seat. That means you do not have to be uncomfortable during winter when the toilet seat is extremely cold.

Note that you can always set the heat to a temperature you are comfortable. Thus, if you do not want a warm seat, then you can set it to room temperature.

Performance of The Toto Neorest 700H

In comparison to other automatic toilets in the market today, the 700H is arguably the best regarding performance. It takes everything into account; from efficient water use to ease of use and unique additional features.

Additionally, when it comes to hygiene, the Neorest 700H is incomparable to none. If you want something better than the 700H in terms of performance, then you have to opt for the newer models on the Toto Neorest line.

The newer models encompass the Neorest 750H, Neorest NX1, and Neorest NX2. However, also be prepared to part with more money by a significant margin.

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Why Opt for The Toto Neorest 700H?

The Numerous Automatic Features

As noted above, the 700H is full of unique automatic features.

The ewater+, for instance, can only be seen in the 700H and a few other models in the Neorest line.

Reasonable Pricing

Typically, automatic toilets tend to be costly. The 700H is costly as well compared to standard non-automatic toilets.

However, if you compare the price against the features it offers, then you realize the 700H is rather reasonably priced. Even more important, is that the 700H gives you value for your money.

This is because the materials used, the design and quality of manufacture ensure the toilet will serve you for a long time without issues. The same cannot be said for conventional toilets.

Top Benefits

  • Completely automatic
  • Hands-free flush
  • Comes with a heated seat
  • Extremely hygienic

Possible Drawbacks

  • Costly

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You Should Consider This Before Purchasing Toto Neorest 700H

Installation May Not Be Easy

Unlike conventional toilets, installing the Neorest 700H toilet is not an easy task.

If you have never installed a toilet before, then you will need a plumber with considerable experience.

However, if you have installed a toilet before, you may be able to get away with following the instructions.

The key thing to remember if you decide to go the DIY route is that you need a water supply and a power outlet (with GFI) before you start the installation process.

You also need to know the position of these two utilities. If in doubt, then you can consult the specification sheet that comes with the manual.

Spare Parts and Professional Repair Are Not Easy to Come By

In case of an issue, it is essential to remember that not just any plumber will do. You have to ask for help from TOTO professionals.

However, if your issue is not related to the Neorest toilet, for instance, clogged pipe then a regular plumber will do.

Similarly, all the spare parts of 700H are proprietary to TOTO. Only TOTO can supply these parts which means you cannot just walk into a nearby plumbing supply shop and get your spare part.

Power Failure

Because the 700His tank-less, it uses electricity to power everything and that includes the flush. In the event of power failure, then flushing impossible.

Do not despair though because the 700H comes with an emergency flush. For the emergency flush, follow the instructions on the manual.

Ready to Step into Luxury with the Neorest 700H Toilet?

When it comes to smart or intelligent toilets, the line of Neorest toilets is king.

The 700H, in particular, comes with incredible benefits over the earlier models. The price might be a bit steep, but the functionality is worth it.

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