On this site, we’ve covered a bunch of high-quality toilets—many of them being touted as the sleekest, hottest new design to be added to a bathroom in recent years. Many of these admirable designs come from bathroom supply powerhouse, Kohler.

As most interior design gurus will tell you, Kohler is a name that is seen as the gold standard in luxury bathroom products.

A Kohler sink is a great sink. A Kohler bathtub is a great bathtub. And a Kohler toilet? Well, you better believe it’s going to be one that people will enjoy for years to come.

In recent years, Kohler has been working on outdoing itself with every design that it’s issued.

Most of the company’s works have been marked by designs that are elegant yet modern in appearance. Some might even call them “basic” because they are designed to work with almost every bathtub.

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Kicking Aesthetics Up A Notch

The design world can tell you that there’s such a thing as “too much genericism.”

If your toilet and appliances are too bland, it can easily take away from the statement you’re trying to make with a bathroom remodel.

Sometimes, though, you need something extra. You need that zazz, a toilet that works with a more traditional aesthetic.

Finding a toilet that has pronounced lines and a unique look to it isn’t easy in today’s mass-produced era. Thankfully, there are some companies that put in an effort to make statement stuff for a bathroom remodel.

The Kohler Memoirs series is one of the most highly respected “statement” bathroom series out there. It’s become a favorite among design aficionados who love having a colonial vibe to their homes.

But, is it really worth all the talk? We decided to take a look at this celebrated series to find out the truth…

Why Buy The Kohler Memoirs Over Other Toilets?

Kohler’s quality comes at a level that makes most other manufacturers look like amateurs, but that’s not the main draw of the Memoirs line—not by a long shot!

The reason why many designers want to equip homes with a Kohler Memoirs toilet is due to the aesthetics that it offers up.

Unlike most “basic” Kohler models, the Memoirs series is specifically dedicated to one particular look: traditional upscale.

The toilets themselves have an elongated build with gently curved Grecian-style accents. The end result is a toilet that has that classic look that would look perfectly appropriate in a Martha’s Vineyard country club.

Of course, the tech behind the memoirs series is nothing to sneeze at, either. The Memoirs toilet is designed to reduce the number of clogs through a high-powered canister flush valve. Thit’s a high-flush toilet, it still is capable of conserving water with the best of them and keeping the sound of the flush silent.

In terms of comfort, the Kohler Memoirs still has that classic feel and height that people expect from an upscale toilet. So while it might look a little more polished and classical, it still has the nice, cozy feel of a family toilet.

The Kohler Memoirs: Key Features

The Kohler Memoirs series is one of the most popular toilet lines when it comes to Kohler’s ultra-luxury line.

Knowing that, you better believe that it’d be loaded with hot new features. Because of how wildly feature-filled the Memoirs line is, it can be hard to pick just a handful of its top features.

To figure out which features deserved the spotlight, we took a look at what homeowners had to say about having a Memoirs toilet in their home. Check out this list of popular features that owners get to enjoy when they add this porcelain throne to their domain…

  • Comfort Height. If you’re looking for a toilet that is easy to sit on and easy to get off of, then you’re going to enjoy the Kohler Memoirs line. This toilet is designed to be as comfortable as possible, which adds to the already-enjoyable spaciousness of its elongated design.
  • Available in One and Two-Piece Designs. This is one of the few toilet lines on Kohler that offers up both one-piece and two-piece setups. So, if you want the convenience of a one-piece toilet, you can get it. If you prefer the easy hauling of a two-piece toilet, you can get that too.
  • Available in Multiple Colors. It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Memoirs line comes in well over half a dozen different colors and a wide range of different variations. Considering that this is a line that has specialty interior designers in mind, this shouldn’t be a shocker. The Memoirs line is flexible and made to work with demanding designs.
  • Has Coordinated Options. The Memoirs series isn’t just a bunch of toilets, even if their toilets are the most well-known of the bunch. This series comes complete with sinks and bathtubs that carry the same stately look as the toilet. This allows you to get a more cohesive, coordinated look to your bathroom remodeling project.

The Kohler Memoirs: A Royal Flush of Features

The key features that people notice with the Memoirs line are aesthetic, and that’s kind of the point with this toilet series.

However, it’s not just a pretty seat. It has plenty of other goodies, too. Some of the more notable function-features include:

  • High-powered flushing doesn’t have to mean that you’ll be wasting buckets of water. Each toilet in the Kohler Memoirs line comes with WaterSense-approved technology designed to help reduce the usage of water during each flush. Studies show that its 1.28-gallon flush system can conserve up to 16,800 gallons of water per year!

  • Canister Flush Valves: Kohler’s top lines all have a powerful canister flush valve accompanies by pistons to help flush away waste faster than ever. With the Memoirs canister valve design, people can expect fewer clogs and fewer problems. You might even get to toss your plunger.
  • QuietClose Seat Release: Everyone hates having a toilet seat that “clonks” closed. The QuietClose technology in the Kohler Memoirs toilet helps reduce the noise the toilet seat makes, giving you a nice, seamless function. To add to this feature, Kohler also added a QuckRelease function that makes it easy to close the seat with extra speed.
  • Gravity Flush: Though the Memoirs line uses a piston and a canister valve to create suction made to eliminate waste, the actual category that this toilet belongs to is the gravity flush category. By using the force of gravity to get things moving, the Kohler Memoirs series reduces chances of breaking and maxes out its force.
  • Easy Clean Build: Most people would assume that all the grooves in the Memoirs’ designs would make this a tough toilet to clean. Believe it or not, that’s not the case. Kohler made a special effort to create a toilet surface that’s a cinch to clean. You can thank the high-quality enamel for that.
  • One-Year Limited Warranty: Worried about splurging on a luxury toilet, only to have it break once you install it? Kohler gets it, which is why they made a point of standing by their quality. Each Memoirs toilet comes with a one-year limited warranty on each toilet it makes.

The Kohler Memoirs: Specs Chart

Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Installation MethodFloor
Water Consumption1.28 GPF
Flush TypeWater Saving Toilets

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Is It ADA-Compliant?

In recent years, Kohler has been putting in a lot of effort in creating bathroom equipment that is designed to be more inclusive.

Their Memoirs series is a good example of their efforts, especially when it comes to the work they’ve been doing in the mobility-requirements world.

Like many of their top-rated series, the Kohler Memoirs line has a bunch of toilets that have been cleared as ADA-compliant. So, if you are looking for a high-quality toilet that works well with families who need mobility-friendly seats, this is a good pick.

There’s a small caveat here, though…

Is It P65-Friendly?

While the Memoirs series is ADA-compliant, there is a safety issue that needs to be addressed. Several sites have pointed out that the Kohler Memoirs line does have an issue when it comes to some of the materials that are used to make the seats. The state of California issued a P65 warning regarding materials in the Memoirs line.

Considering that there’s a P65 warning, we feel it’s important to make sure to bring it to the attention of people who may have mobility issues relating to chemo or similar treatments.

While the risk is relatively low, it’s still there. People who are at risk of reproductive cancers should weigh their risks before they buy this toilet

But Is It The Right Toilet For You?

Kohler added a serious amount of inclusivity and accessibility to its design. If you’re looking for an ADA-compliant toilet that works well with classical design, then the Memoirs line is for you. If you’re looking for a “basic” toilet? Well, this isn’t it.

Kohler’s Memoirs series is made with a clear aesthetic in mind. It’s the kind of toilet you’d expect to see in a Kennedy’s home, a regatta house in Cape Cod, or an elegant Victorian remodel in the heart of a city.

It’s meant to be elegant and meant to be a major statement piece, and it succeeds in this beautifully.

Our Final Take: The Kohler Memoirs Toilet

When Kohler puts its mind to making a world-class piece of bathroom equipment, it’s only natural to set your expectations high. As one would guess, Kohler made a toilet that truly forces bathroom designers to rethink what they know about elegant creations.

Most reviews regarding Kohler products are stellar, but when it comes to the Memoirs series, they often sound almost fanatical.  However, if you take a look at all the perks that come with it, the amazing array of different colors it comes in, and its installation ease, it’s pretty clear that there’s a good reason for the love.