Good hygiene is your primary defense against germs and diseases. And you need to start with washing your hands properly. Sadly, not everyone has the willpower and discipline to stick to the routine, especially right after going to the toilet. The act is not just harmful but downright gross as well.

That is, it is essential that you have access to a convenient sink right after you use the toilet. A toilet sink combo brings that convenience into a whole new level.

What Are Portable Toilet Sink Combos?

You may wonder what is a toilet sink combo. Well, imagine a toilet with a sink connected to it, usually placed on top of the toilet tank. The concept of this toilet with a sink on top is to provide a more ergonomic design and a more environmental-friendly way of using water.

How Does Portable Toilet Sink Combos Work?

A primary question that people often as about toilet-sinks is how does it work. Is the water for the sink the same water from the toilet? Most people who are new to the concept would think so, but it is the other way around.

In a toilet sink combo, the faucet in the sink connects directly to the water supply. Freshwater from the water source bypasses the toilet tank and proceeds straight to the faucet. The water from the sink then flows into the toilet tank for flushing.

The Benefits of Toilet Sink Combos

Many people are still skeptical about purchasing a toilet sink combo. Buying a toilet sink combo is beneficial for many reasons. Here are some of the best ones:

  1. Water-efficient. One of the best benefits of combos like these is that they are water-efficient. Instead of using separate water pipes and sources for your toilet and sink, you can just one for both with this design. It can significantly help in conserving your water supply.
  2. Cost-efficient. Another excellent benefit that a toilet sink combo can bring to you is that it is cost-efficient. Compared to the installation cost of a separate sink and toilet, you will save a lot with a combo unit. You cut off some of the expenses for labor as well as costs for additional pipes and water lines.
  3. Space saver. Buying or renting big houses or apartments is getting more and more expensive these days. Hence, many people choose to stay in smaller spaces, such as a tiny house. However, with a small bathroom space, it can be quite challenging to install a fully functional bathroom. A combo unit mitigates that problem since the unit will only use minimal space.
  4. Easy to install. For toilet and sink combos, there is no need to install complicated pipelines, unlike conventional sinks and toilets. With a combo, you only need to supply the sink with a water supply, and that is it. The toilet gets water from the sink.

5. Easy to clean. Because of the ergonomic design of the units, toilet and sink combos are easier to maintain. There is no sink underbelly or toilet tank top that needs regular cleaning. Cleaning is the same as cleaning that tank top. And since you will be using the sink regularly, the flowing water can help keep the sink clean.

How to install a toilet-sink combination unit

You finally figure out that you have to get yourself a toilet sink combo or two. So, you plan to get one. But getting a unit for yourself needs some bits of consideration. Here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Measure the space needed for the combo unit.

Before you purchase a combo unit, you need to survey the area where you will place it first. Measure the size available and the space allowance for the unit. You will need this measurement to find the best unit for your area.

  1. Inspect the plumbing system.

Next, you need to inspect your plumbing system. The system required for the combo unit is akin to that of a regular toilet. But just to make sure, check the system in that case that you may need to make any modification. It is especially so if you already have a sink in your bathroom that you wish to replace. You may need to close the valve of the existing one before you install the combo unit. Be sure to call a plumber over to do the checking, as well as all the necessary modifications.

  1. Choose between a combo sink or a combo set.

After, you have to decide whether you need a sink combo or a toilet sink combo. If there is an existing toilet in place and you do not wish to do away with it, then a sink combo will be the best choice for you. But if you want to whole new set, then you need to get that complete combo.

  1. Turn off the water supply.

Before you install the unit, you need to turn off the water supply first. It is to make sure that water will now overflow or overfill the unit upon installation.

  1. Connect the drain hose and the faucet to the sink.

Once the unit is in place, connect the accessory parts like the drain hose and the faucet. You need to check if your unit requires a drain hose. Some units do not come with one because the sink drains directly to the toilet tank.

  1. Make sure the combo is well-placed.

Once installed, check for any misplacement of the unit or any lose pipe. It will ensure that there will be no leaks once the unit becomes fully functional.

  1. Turn on the water and test the flow.

Once everything is okay, turn the water supply back on and test the water flow. Check the water flow from the pipe to the faucet, and then from the sink to the toilet tank. Test the flushing of the toilet as well. Do any necessary fix where needed.

Why Should You Need A Toilet Sink Combo Unit?

There are a plethora of reasons why you should get a combo unit. If you are any of the following, then getting a unit is an excellent option for you:

  1. You live in a tiny house.

Because of the tiny houses’ popularity, many people choose to live in them. If you are living in one or a space as small as one, then you should get a toilet sink combo. The ergonomic design of the unit fits well for small spaces. With a combo unit in place, you do not have to sacrifice other spaces since you will be using lesser space than the regular toilet and sink.

  1. You are conscious about wasting water.

Water is an essential aspect of life. It is what keeps living things alive. However, because of how wasteful humans can be, and the population that as causing adverse effects to the global water supply, the need to conserve water has never been more critical. If you are conscious about wasting water, then getting a combo unit fits you well. Do not worry about wasting water from the sink as well because you use the same water that you wash your hands with to flush the toilet.

  1. You are on a tight budget.

Installing a conventional sink and toilet is expensive. You will need more parts, more pipes, and more labor. And that is on top of a hefty water bill. But if you have a combo unit in place, you can cut your expenses significantly. Since the toilet and sink come as a single unit, you do not have to install them separately. It cuts off a lot of the pipes and parts that you should be needing. Not only that, but labor also costs less since it is easier and faster to install. Also, since there is lesser water needed, your water bill will be cheaper.

Summing It Up

Regardless of what purpose you need for a toilet sink combo, it does not diminish the fact that purchasing one will bring many benefits to you. There are many skeptics about the product since not everyone has experience using one. However, once you have that experience, you will realize that it is a worthy investment.

You just need to remember that you need to consider your options carefully. It is best to get a combo unit if space is a big issue for you. The unit can help you save room in your bathroom since it is relatively compact and does not need as much plumbing as conventional sinks and toilets. With less plumbing and easier installation, you can save on your labor fees as well.

The same is true if you wish to conserve water and lessen your water bills. The unit’s design makes it possible to utilize wastewater for another use. And as you reuse the wastewater from the sink, you also lessen your water consumption, keeping your water bill low.