For a long time toilets were made from two materials, porcelain, and wood. The base was made of the primary, and seat of the latter. As plastic consumption increased in the world, toilets are now  still made of porcelain, but the lid is more often made from plastic

Although wood toilet seats are not as popular as they used to be, they are still a viable option. You can definitely still find one to purchase if you want to, and there may be a few good reasons behind it.

Mainly when choosing between wood versus plastic, you need to decide if you care about wood bein harder to clean, being prone to scratches, and possibly having a shorter lifespan. Plastic is extremely common, but can also appear cheap. There are reasons for both, and you will have to look at a number of factors to decide which you prefer.

How To Choose a Toilet Seat

Although choosing a toilet seat can be difficult, it is a pretty important decision considering how important using the toilet is. There are actually a few criteria that you can use to easily make a choice between plastic or wooden.

Is it Comfortable?

One of the most important aspects of choosing a toilet seat is comfort. This is because you will spend approximately 92 full days of your life sitting on a toilet. If you use a plastic toilet then it might feel cold, and bendy. Wood can provide a solid surface that feels steady.

Especially because there are different finishes applied to a toilet that can change its temperature. In regard to comfort, both will most likely be equally comfortable.

Is it Durable?

If you are looking for durability, then plastic will be the one to choose. This is because plastic is not as thick as wood, and is more bendable. Wood seats are also heavier, which means they are easier to break. Plastic toilet seats are pretty difficult to break.

Although the seat itself usually will not break, the parts that connect the base of the toilet to the seat can easily break. These are usually made from metal in wood toilet seats, while they are made from plastic is plastic seats. Usually, the quality of your seat, in general, will determine whether or not these will break.

One note to make regarding the protective coating on wood toilet seats is that it can wear down. When you are cleaning, you run the risk of scratching the seat. If this occurs, you may scratch off the protective coating, leaving the wood seat vulnerable to moisture. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Toilet seats come in a variety of prices. You can easily find a seat for $15, while you can also find a toilet seat for $200. There are many aspects of a toilet seat that affect how much the seat costs. This may include the brand, what it is made out of, and the style of the toilet.

If you are looking to spend less money, then a plastic toilet seat is your best option. You can find a $15-$20 plastic toilet seat easily. Wood toilet seats are typically a bit more expensive. This will be determined by what wood is used. If you want a seat with a specific exotic wood, then the seat will be more expensive naturally. 

Are You Able to Spend Time on Cleaning?

Wood Vs Plastic Toilet SeatTo some, wood toilet seats do not seem sanitary. It makes sense that wood would not seem as sanitary as plastic, as it is a porous material. 

If wood toilet seats were simply cut from a log and placed on a toilet, then this would make sense. But this is simply not the case with wood toilet seats. Typically they are coated with either a laminate or a sealant, which provides you a layer of protection on the wood.

This keeps germs and moisture from penetrating the wood. Despite this, sealants can wear down over time so you may need to have your seat resealed every few years.

Plastic is not porous. This means it is easy to clean. You can use a paper towel, a washcloth, or even a sanitary wipe. With plastic, you will never need to worry about the outer coating wearing down, even if you do not have a lot of time to clean. 

Which Look Do You Prefer?

The most common type of toilet seat is a plastic toilet seat, but the main reason that people choose one over the other is for how it looks. This is your personal preference, and you may want to match your toilet to how your bathroom decor is already set up.

Look at your trim, towel racks, and other finishes in your bathroom. If these are made of wood and not painted, then wood might be your best option. Plastic looks better in a modern bathroom, so if you have a farmhouse-style in your home, wood might fit better.

You can also find toilet seats that are white which allows you to obtain a wood seat, with the same look as a white plastic seat.

Do You Want an Eco-Friendly Option?

Obviously plastic is not the most eco-friendly option for anything. If you choose wood, you are reducing your carbon footprint.  

Why Choose a Wooden Toilet Seat

There are a few reasons why you might want to purchase a wooden toilet seat. The first is that the seat is thick and solid. This will allow it to stay warm in the winter, and never get to uncomfortable temperatures. 

Wood can also give your bathroom a unique look. Whether you are looking for a new theme for your bathroom, or want to match your existing theme, wood toilet seats offer a classy finish and an eco-friendly option.

Why Not Choose a Wooden Toilet Seat

There are also a few reasons why you might not want to choose a wooden toilet seat. The first is that it can be more expensive compared to a plastic seat. Wood is a porous material, which means you do run the risk of cracks allowing moisture in. It can also become dull quickly, and you may need to reseal it. 

Wood toilet seats are definitely more difficult to clean. Instead of pulling out chemicals and wiping it down, you will need to be a bit more careful.

Why Choose a Plastic Toilet Seat

The most obvious reason to purchase a plastic toilet seat is that they come in very low prices. If you are on a budget, then this is definitely a good option for you. Plastic toilet seats are also great for easy cleaning. If you have a family, then toddlers will easily be able to use the toilet by themselves, and there are fewer chances of damage.

Why Not Choose a Plastic Toilet Seat

Although plastic is the cheaper option, it also can discolor over time. They may look cheaper than wood and can be very cold to sit on during winter.

Related Questions

Are wood toilet seats clean?

Although wood is a more porous material compared to plastic, typically a wood toilet seat will be treated with a sealant. This protects against germs and bacteria. 

Do plastic toilet seats stain?

Since most plastic toilet seats are white, overtime they can stain. This is typically from urine, so you will need to take care of your toilet and clean it properly to avoid this.