If you’re looking for an intelligent toilet with a sleek design, the Kohler Veil could be the toilet for you. It offers a minimalist design that upgrades any bathroom on aesthetics alone.

But, the Kohler Veil offers much more than just a good looking design.

With just about any feature you’re looking for, this toilet makes using and maintaining it a breeze. On top of this, many of these features are customizable.

Some of the features the intelligent Kohler Veil includes are integrated cleansing, a heated seat, automated deodorization, and self-cleaning.

Kohler currently offers two models of the intelligent Veil. One is the one-piece skirted model, and the other is the wall-hung model.

Kohler Veil Specs – Let’s Take a Closer Look

Toilet type
One-piece, floor-mount
One-piece, wall-mount
Waste Outlet
Bowl shape
Elongated front
Elongated front
Trap passageway
1-15/16 inches (49 mm)
2-9/16 inches (65 mm)
Water consumption per full flush
1.28 GPF (4.8 LPF)
1.6 GPF (6 LPF)
Water consumption per reduced flush
0.8 GPF (3 LPF)
0.8 GPF (3 LPF)
12 inchesc
Seat-mounting holes
5-1/2 inches(140 mm)

Kohler Veil Models

The Kohler Veil is available in two models: a wall-hung model and a floor-mounted, skirted elongated model. Both models provide a range of customizable features.

Kohler K-5401 Veil

This model has a sleek skirted elongated design. It is a one-piece toilet with a minimalist, ergonomic, and dare we say sexy design.

This model is tankless, so it relies on a direct water supply. This feature contributes to its slim silhouette.

However, in order for the toilet to work properly, you must have a water flow of at least 9 gallons per minute. This toilet also requires a dedicated electrical GFCI circuit of 120V/1800W.

The K-5401 offers a range of intelligent features including a heated seat, automatic flushing system, self-cleaning bowl, and warm air drying system.

It is also two inches taller than the average toilet, leading to a more comfortable seat – no more aching knees from squatting.

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Kohler K-5402 Veil

This model mounts to the wall, saving space over floor-mounted models. To be precise, it saves eight inches over Kohler’s longest floor-mounted toilets.

Since the mounting hardware is concealed, this model also has a sleek and elegant look. This model includes a tank that is installed in the wall.

Even though this toilet is wall-mounted, it comes with an elongated bowl. This increases user comfort while still saving space in the bathroom.

The K-5402 is an intelligent toilet with the features to prove it. Some of the features that make it special are a night light, automated opening and closing of the seat, and integrated cleansing system.

Kohler Veil Features

Both models of the Kohler Veil offer an impressive lineup of intelligent features. Some of these improve user experience, others improve cleanliness, and others add to the luxurious feel of this toilet.

Integrated Cleansing

The Kohler Veil offers built-in cleansing features activated by the touch of a button. Users can choose to stream water from either the front or the rear of the toilet.

Users can activate the bidet by touching buttons on the side of the toilet, or on a paired remote. Talk about convenience!

Furthermore, these cleaning features are fully customizable. Users can customize the water temperature, to achieve the perfect amount of warmth. Users can also choose from five different water pressure settings.

To help users find their target, the Kohler Veil allows users to adjust the spray wands. The wands can be arranged between five different settings.

The Kohler Veil also provides three different types of water output: pulsating, oscillating, and spiral.

The pulsating option is available for both the front and the rear spray. In this mode, the water pressure of the spray varies back and forth between high and low.

The oscillating mode is also available for both the front and the rear spray. In this mode, the water sprays back and forth around a central point.

The spiral mode is only available for the rear spray. In this mode, the water sprays around in a circular motion.

Warm Air Drying System

Along with offering a cleansing system, the Kohler Veil also offers a warm air drying system. Users can control the amount of airflow using the touch of a button, both on a remote or on the side of the toilet.

Heated Seat

Not only is the seat heated, but it offers five different heat settings.

The Kohler Veil also has an energy-saving option. When enabled, the toilet automatically lowers the seat temperature when nobody is on the seat. This helps users save on their energy bills, and it also helps protect the environment.

Automated Open and Close

Users can choose whether they want to enable or disenable this feature. When it is enabled, the toilet automatically senses when someone approaches and leaves, and reacts accordingly.

When someone approaches the toilet, the seat cover automatically opens. After someone uses the toilet, the toilet lid and seat automatically close three minutes after the toilet is used.

No more yelling at someone to put the seat down or worrying if your pets are drinking out of the toilet bowl.

Flush Options

First, the Kohler Veil offers two different types of flushes. The lower volume flush uses 0.8 gallons of water per flush and the higher volume flush uses 1.28 or 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

This toilet also offers automated flushes. When this feature is enabled, the toilet automatically flushes 60 seconds after the user stands up, lowers the seat, or leaves the area.

Tankless Design

The elongated model features a tankless design, which creates a sleek design. Also, it saves space!

Night Light

The Kohler Veil offers a built-in nightlight that can guide users in the dark. The light can be turned on and off using a button on the side of the toilet.

Deodorization System

The Kohler Veil has an automated deodorizing system to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

As soon as a user sits on the seat, the toilet automatically turns on a fan. This fan pulls in air from the toilet bowl and runs it through a filter to remove unpleasant odors.

Self-Cleaning System

Not only does this toilet help clean users, but it also cleans itself! The toilet user UV light and electrolyzed water to clean the cleansing wands.

The feature helps keep the toilet safe and sanitized.

Why Choose the Kohler Veil?

As you can see from the list above, the Kohler Veil offers a plethora of features.

Not only does it offer all these features, but most of the features are fully customizable.

With this customization, you can create a toilet that provides just the functions and details you’re looking for.

Want an extra hot toilet seat and a high-pressure blast of hot air? You got it. Prefer a barely warm seat with a gentle flow of warm air? You can have that as well.

What’s even better is that each user can customize their experience, so this toilet can be the perfect fit for more than one person.

Along with these features, the Veil brings a sense of elegance and modernity to your bathroom.

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What People Have to Say About the Kohler Veil

Buying the Kohler Veil is a decision many people don’t make lightly, due to its cost and extensive line of features. We’ve gathered some of the most common pros and cons.

Common Praise

Unsurprisingly, users love the many features that the Kohler Veil has to offer.

Those that bought this toilet praise how the toilet offers a comfortable user experience with heated seats and an adjustable bidet. These features truly elevate your bathroom to feel luxurious.

Besides comfort, buyers praise how easy the toilet is to care for and the decreased amount of time they have to put into cleaning and maintaining it. The automatic cleaning via the UV light and the deodorizer keeps the toilet clean without any user effort.

Additionally, buyers love the attractive design. The toilet fits into a variety of bathroom designs, from modern to elegant.

Common Complaints

Users don’t have many complaints about the toilet.

One of the major complaints is that the remote has to be regularly charged. This isn’t a major issue for most users, yet it’s something to note.

The most common issue with the Kohler Veil is the cost. It may not come as a surprise, but this toilet is not cheap.

Kohler Veil Cost

Both models of the veil are costly investments, but are well worth it.

The floor-mounted model is listed is priced around $5,300. However, you can often find this toilet for under $4,000, depending on current promotions.

The wall-mounted model is listed on the Kohler website for $6,900.

It is possible to buy these toilets for less than these costs if you shop around.

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Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a toilet that brings a sense of style and sophistication to your bathroom, look no further than the Kohler Veil.

The multitude of features, such as the integrated cleansing system and heated seat, provide users with a luxurious experience.

Other features, such as the self-cleaning system and automated deodorization, help keep your bathroom clean and ready for guests.

Due to its high price tag, this toilet isn’t for everyone. But those that purchase it have few negative things to say.