Sterling toilets boast of the same quality as products by the parent company—Kohler. They feature a sleek, space-saving design and will complement any contemporary or modern bathroom decors.

Sterling uses high-quality materials to manufacture their toilets, which results in extended durability and reliability.

Toilet models by Sterling are also known to offer superior functionality and innovative water-saving technologies. However, you will need to choose the model that is best suited for your installation or replacement needs.

In this regard, you need to consider such aspects as the design, bowl shape, seat height, flush mechanism, water efficiency as well as bowl shape, and size.

On average, Sterling toilets cost anywhere between $120 and $500. Expect to pay more for toilets with more advanced features. Read our Sterling toilet reviews to discover the right model for you.

Comparing The Best Sterling Toilets

Sterling 402078-0 Windham
14 Inches
1.28 gallons per flush
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Sterling 402025-0 Karsten
12 Inches
0.8 gallon/1.6 gallon
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Sterling 402077-0 Stinson
12 Inches
1.6 gallons per flush
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403081-96 Windham Toilet
12 Inches
1.28 gallons per flush
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Sterling 402028-0 Karsten Toilet
12 Inches
0.8 gallons/1.6 gallons per flush
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1. Best Overall – Sterling 402078-0 Windham Round Front Toilet

STERLING 402078-0 Windham 14-Inch Round-in Round Front Toilet, White
  • Crafted of Grade A vitreous china to provide a durable, non-porous product with a hard, glossy finish
  • Optimized siphonic flush action maximizes bulk waste removal; one flush cleansing performance
  • Large 9" x 8" water surface keeps bowl clean and reduces odor
  • Round-front bowl requires less space
  • Three-bolt quick-connect installation system
Having been manufactured by Kohler, the Sterling 402078 Windham toilet is known to offer exceptional performance without sacrificing style. This toilet model has been proven to offer consistent, reliable flushing power.

This may be attributed to the optimized Pro-Force flush mechanism by the manufacturer. With regards to design, the toilet features a 14-inch rough-in and a large, 9-inch by 8-inch, water surface at the bottom of the bowl.

This water surface is meant to prevent bad odor. Again, the bowl surface features a glossy finish. Such attributes are meant to allow for efficient cleaning of the bowl and bulky solid waste removal in a single flush.

The Eco-friendly toilet dispenses only 1.28 gallons per flush, making it one of the most efficient Sterling Toilet. As a matter of fact, the product has a WaterSense certification for water efficiency. To allow for more efficiency flushing, it is equipped with a trip lever, making it easier for you to push waste down the drain.

2. The Best Dual-Flush Toilet – Sterling 402025-0 Karsten

STERLING 402025-0 Karsten 12-Inch Rough-in Round Front Toilet, White
  • Dual Force technology allows the choice of .8 gallon flush for liquid or light waste. The 1.6 gallon flush is for bulk or solid waste
  • Dual Force technology can save the average family of 4 up to 24,000 gallons of water per year with the .8 gallon option
  • Two-button actuator provides easy-to-use flushing options
  • Crafted of Grade A vitreous china to provide a durable, non-porous product with a hard, glossy finish
  • Round-front bowl requires less space
If you are looking for minimalist bathroom design, you should consider getting the Sterling 402025-0 Karsten. In this regard, the toilet features a sleek, and compact design.

Again, the model has been specifically designed to meet a range of water conservation standards. To begin with, it features Dual Force technology by the manufacturer.

This technology allows you to choose whether to use the 0.8-gallon or the 1.6-gallon flush. You may choose any of these flush modes using the intuitive two-button actuator switch fitted onto the unit. With this toilet, you will have a water-saving solution that is light on the environment but does not sacrifice on the on performance.

For those seeking a minimalist environment, the Karsten toilet with Dual Force technology is the perfect bathroom fixture. The sleek style is coupled with water-saving functionality that’s light on the environment without sacrificing performance. It features a grade-A vitreous China construction for enhanced durability.

3. The Best Comfort Height Toilet – Sterling 402077-0 Stinson

STERLING 402077-0 Stinson ADA Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet, 12” Rough-In, White
  • DIMENSIONS: 29" x 17-7/16" x 28-3/8"
  • COMFORT HEIGHT BOWL: Offers chair height seating that make sitting and standing easier for most adults
  • GALLONS PER FLUSH: Uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush, meeting today's strict water conservation standards
  • FLOOR SAVER FOOTPRINT: Helps cover the old footprint left by many two-piece toilets
  • THREE-BOLT INSTALLATION: Pre-installed gasket and encapsulated bolts save time and provide more options for adjustment
In addition to the comfort-height seating height and an elongated bowl, this Sterling toilet delivers a powerful, and efficient flushing performance. This may be attributed to its Pro-Force Flushing Technology.

You will also love the Floor Saver Footprint used by the manufacturer on this model. In its functioning, the Pro-Force technology develops a powerful siphoning suction force that draws all the water in the bowl.

It has been proven to result in superior bowl cleanliness and waste removal. As one of the best WaterSense-labeled toilets, the 402077-0 Stinson toilet uses about 20 percent less water than traditional toilets.

As such, it dispenses only 1.6 gallons per flush. Even so, it has been proven to meet all EPA flushing guidelines. The toilet comes with pre-installed gasket, and encapsulated boots, which saves you time during installation and offers more adjustment options. The product is backed by a 5-year limited warranty by the manufacturer.

4. The Most Water-Efficient Model – Sterling 403081-96 Windham Toilet

STERLING, a KOHLER Company 403081-96 Windham Toilet, 12-Inch, Biscuit
  • Uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush; meets today's strict water conservation standards
  • Crafted of Grade A vitreous china to provide a durable, non-porous product with a hard, glossy finish
  • Optimized siphonic flush action maximizes bulk waste removal; one flush performance
  • Large 9 In. x 8 In. water surface keeps bowl clean and reduces odor
  • Elongated bowl has an extended rim length for comfortable use by adults
This is another one of the great products in the Windham line of toilets by Sterling. Like other products by the manufacturer, the Windham was designed with style and functionality in mind. It features a vitreous China construction, and water-saving technology.

These give the toilet a  lasting value and dependable performance.  In an effort to meet the current conservation standards, the toilet is engineered to dispense about 1.28 gallons per flush. The durable, non-porous construction of the basin features a hard, glossy finish.

This smooth surface, coupled with the optimized Siphonic flush action technology, allows for the rapid removal of bulk waste in a single flush. Again, the toilet has a 9-inch by 8-inch water surface below the bowl that keeps the bowl clean and reduces odor.  The elongated bowl of the toilet has an extended rim length for enhanced comfort.

5. Toilet with a Highly Powerful Flush – Sterling 402028-0 Karsten

STERLING, a KOHLER Company 402028-0 Karsten Toilet, White
  • Dual Force technology allows the choice of . 8 gallon flush for liquid or light waste. The 1. 6 gallon flush is for bulk or solid waste
  • Dual Force technology can save the average family of 4 up to 24, 000 gallons of water per year with the . 8 gallon option
  • Two-button actuator provides easy-to-use flushing options
  • Crafted of Grade A vitreous china to provide a durable, non-porous product with a hard, glossy finish
  • A sanitary guard helps prevent liquid from getting under the tank
If you are looking forward to having a minimalist visual appeal in your bathroom, you should consider getting the Sterling 402028-0 Karsten Toilet. Not only is the toilet model appealing to the eyes, but it is also functional. To begin with, it features Dual Force technology by the manufacturer.

This ensures that you get a powerful flushing experience with both the 0.8 GPF and the full 1.6 GPF flush. Based on research findings, this dual-flush technology will save a family of four people up to 24,000 gallons of water in a year. You will have an easy time selecting your preferred flush with the intuitive two-button actuator.

The toilet is made of grade A vitreous China material, resulting in a durable, non-porous surface. It is then coated with a hard, glossy surface to further boost its flush efficiency.

The toilet is also equipped with a sanitary guard to prevent liquids from getting under the tank. All in all, it presents you with a sleek style, coupled with great water-saving functionality.

Consider This Before Buying a Sterling Toilet

Sterling toilets and components by Kohler offer serious quality and visual appeal. Even so, you still need to choose the right product for your toilet installation or replacement project.

As you may have noticed, Kohler produces an array of toilet types and designs, including wall-hung, low-level, one-piece, and even the traditional toilet designs. With that said, let’s look at some factors to consider.

Toilet Design

Just as is the case with some of the leading toilet brands, most of the Sterling toilet model features a two-piece design.

Although two-piece toilet designs are more affordable, they are not the only toilet design in the market.

Two-Piece Toilets

These are the commonest toilet design in the industry, featuring a toilet seat and a tank as two separate units.

Their preference for other toilet designs may be attributed to the fact that they are cheaper. However, they are harder to clean and tend to accumulate dust in between the bowl and the tank.

One-Piece Toilets

These come as a single unit, where the toilet tank and toilet seat are fused together. Other one-piece toilets do not have a toilet tank altogether.

Such models are connected directly to the plumbing system, hence they are only suited for houses with high-pressure water supply lines for enhanced flushing efficiency.

Regardless of the type, one-piece toilets are comparatively costlier and harder to install. A considerable number of homeowners find one-piece toilet designs to be sleek, and modern. You will also find one-piece toilets easier to clean.

If you can afford them, Sterling one-piece toilets are the best option for both modern and contemporary bathroom decors.

In-Wall Toilets

The best Sterling in-wall toilet models require a tank to function. However, the tank is usually installed on the wall behind the toilet. Since the tank is concealed in the wall, such a toilet design will give your bathroom a sleek, minimal profile.

Such a model is also suited for smaller bathrooms as they are known to save a considerable amount of space. As compared to other toilet models, in-wall toilets are relatively costlier to acquire and install.

Integrated Base Toilets

In addition to traditional toilet models, Sterling also offers one-piece and two-piece toilets with an integrated base. A toilet with an integrated base features a full, flush piece bottom.

Similar to other toilet brands, Sterling toilets with an integrated base are costlier than their conventional alternatives.

However, Sterling integrated-base toilets are a great upgrade as they are visually appealing and comparatively easier to clean.

Flush Mechanism

Sterling uses different flushing mechanisms in ita toilet models. In addition to ease of use, the flush mechanism used on a toilet also determines its flush efficiency and water consumption.

Each of the flush mechanisms in use today has its set of benefits and downsides, as explained below.

Pressure-Assisted Toilets

In their functioning, Sterling pressure-assisted toilets apply pressure that builds up inside the water tank to push water down. This results in a thorough bowl cleaning action as compared to other flush mechanisms.

Pressure-Assisted Toilets are also known to reduce water consumption by the toilet by up to 45 percent. Although noisier in operation, the best Sterling pressure-assisted toilets are relatively easy to clean.

Gravity-Feed Toilets 

These mainly rely on the force of gravity and the weight of water flowing down to clean the bowl. Own to their simplicity, they are some of the most affordable toilet options in the industry. As compared to pressure-assisted toilets, gravity-feed toilets are less noisy in operation.

Dual-Flush Toilets

This is essentially a variation of conventional flush toilets that are equipped with two flush buttons or levers that flush different amounts of water.

As compared to siphon-action models, Sterling Dual-Flush toilets are fitted with a larger trapway. As such, most of them employ a wash-down flushing mechanism.

Dual flush toilets are preferred for their superior water efficiency. The wash-down mechanism used by the toilets only requires a limited amount of water to flush efficiency.

Of the two flushing button or levers, one releases a larger volume of water and is used to flush away solid waste. The other button releases a smaller volume of water to the bowl and should be used when flushing liquid waste.

With such a flushing mechanism, you will be saving a considerable amount of water with every flush and avoiding clogging with a larger trapway.

Seat Height

The seat height is the distance between the bathroom floor and the top of the toilet basin.

Under normal circumstances, you should just go for the height you find comfortable.

If you have an aged or disabled person in the house, you should go for the taller toilets, preferably the 19-inch Sterling toilets.

If you do not find a toilet to suit your height requirements, you may also opt for the wall-hung Sterling toilets. With these, you can alter the installation height to suit your specific requirements.

Our Final Verdict

Sterling—a Kohler company—is one of the leading manufacturers of plumbing products, such as toilets. With a vast range of toilet models, you’ll need to figure out which one is best suited for your installation or replacement project.

Choose a Sterling toilet model that offers the right seat height, water efficiency, as well as toilet configuration and size. Finally, consider your own styling and comfort preferences, as well as the budget. Ready to buy a Sterling toilet? tell us which model works for you!