Known best for their toilets, Toto also manufactures luxury bidet seats. The high-end seats are the top brand in Japan but are starting to gain prominence in the US market.

The Toto S350e shows itself as one of Toto’s world-class, electronic bidet toilet seats. The features and added upgrades make it an impressive option for the new and seasoned bidet seat customers.

Toto S350e Electronic Toilet Seat Review – Quick Facts

The Toto S350e has a streamlined, contemporary look with a load of features expected from a high-end bidet toilet seat.

Functions include feminine and posterior wash featuring adjustable spray position and pressure, water temperature, air dryer, and heated seat.

The S350e has three different models, distinguished by elongated or round bowl, or elongated  Washlet+ with sealed electrical supply connection. All three toilet seat models come with an energy efficient tankless water heating system for continuous warm water.

In addition to the luxury features, Toto uses the innovative eWater Technology in the S350e electronic toilet seats. eWater keeps the toilet bowl cleaner by using an electrolyzed water misting function with every use.

The three S350e models include a redesigned remote control. With a rectangular shape, the remote fits comfortably in your hand and includes two user presets for customized use.

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Specifications of the Toto S350e Electronic Toilet Seat

Model Number
SW583 or SW584
23 x 19.25 x 5.50-Inches
13.5 Pounds
Seat Shape
Elongated or Round
Power Cord Length
Bidet Spray Type
Color Choices
Cotton White, Sedona Beige
1-Year Limited

Features of the Toto S350e Electronic Toilet Seat

While all of the Toto Washlets carry some of the same basic features, no two seats perform the same. Each seat model has a different set of built-in features.

The more complex the Washlet features get, the more the bidet seat costs.

The S350e has the primary functions of any Washlet plus added luxury features not found on lower-end Washlet models. You get added features like:

  • Oscillating and Pulsating Spray
  • eWater+
  • Washlet+
  • Instant Heated Water
  • Two User Presets
  • Remote Control
  • Self-Cleaning Wand
  • Variable Temperature Drying Settings
  • Auto Deodorizer
  • Auto Open/Close Lid
  • Night Light

In this next section, we delve a little deeper into the features of the Toto S350e bidet toilet seat.

Toilet Seat Design

The S350e has a single color design of Cotton White or Sedona Beige and silver rear Toto Washlet logo.

At the seat back are LED power, energy saver, and use light indicators that come on when someone sits down. There’s also a Clean light that comes on when the S350e is misting/cleaning the toilet bowl.

On the seat’s left side are a 46-inch electrical cord, water inlet, and small control panel for non-remote control use. The mini-control panel includes power and flush buttons, feminine cleansing and rear cleansing buttons, and the night light button.

The S350e elongated measures 15 x 20.7-inches and the round version measures 15 x 19.3-inches with both measuring 4.0-inches tall.

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Wireless Remote Control

Toto S350e has a smaller, more slimline remote, much like a TV remote control.

The small, one-handed S350 remote has controls on the front, back, and the left and right sides for maximizing space.

The remote measures 7-inches long by 2.6-inches wide and includes a wall-mounting bracket. You can hang the remote on the wall and operate the bidet seat functions or hold the remote in your hand.

The Remote Front

On the remote front are frequently used buttons like a feminine wash, posterior wash, air dryer, and stop button. Lighted indicators located next to their respective buttons, show wash nozzle position, forward/back, and water pressure setting.

The two pre-set programming buttons for pressure, temperature, and spray position are also on the remote front.

The Remote Back

The remote back holds an LCD display with directional arrow controls for navigating the controller menu. These controls let you adjust all the temperature functions, energy saver, and automatic nozzle cleaning and lid open/close.

The Remote Top

Located at the top of the remote is an automatic open/close button for the seat and lid.

The S350e only opens the lid automatically as you approach the bidet and does not lift the seat.

In this instance, press the button to lift the seat. Even with all the luxury features on the Toto S350e, the remote control is a simple and easy-to-use device.

All the front side buttons have clearly labeled bold letters, and the button placement makes sense from a usage standpoint. The back LCD display menu has easy navigational arrows with a well thought out menu item placement.

Once you program the initial settings, adjustments on the back of the remote are rarely needed.

With an intuitive design, clutter is minimized on the remote face with the less common buttons placed on the remote back. This streamlined design gives you a nice looking remote that’s easier to learn and use.

Bidet Functions

Feminine and posterior wash function control come from the single nozzle system using multiple nozzles and tip outlets.

The nozzle position and the five water pressure settings are adjustable through the remote control.

A soft spray feature softens the posterior wash water pressure while the wide spray covers large surface areas for feminine wash. Easily change between normal spray setting and the special sprays with the wireless remote control.

The oscillation feature extends the cleaning area while the pulse feature pulsates the water stream. Use the oscillation and pulse separately or alone for your preferred cleansing experience.

Temperature Settings & Advanced Features

You get five temperature settings with your Toto S350e, ranging from 86° F to 104° F. The tankless system means you get instant, never-ending warm water.

A favorite advanced bidet feature is the auto open/close, anti-slam lid and seat. Built-in seat body sensors detect when someone approaches the toilet, and the lid opens. When you finish and get up off the seat, the lid automatically closes after ninety seconds.

For the men in the household, a tap of the button on the remote control top, and the lid and seat raises. Ninety seconds after walking away from the toilet and both the lid and seat close.

Besides the auto lid function, the Toto S350e has a night light that turns on when approaching the toilet. Once you walk away, the night light turns off as the lid auto closes.

About eWater

A feature of the S350e we felt we needed to talk about is the eWater.

Electrolyzed water, or eWater, gained popularity as a cleaning agent for cutting boards, knives, and other utensils in restaurants.

In scientific studies, eWater cleans and limits bacterial growth on kitchen surfaces and baby bottles.

According to Wikpedia, Electrolysed water is produced by the electrolysis of ordinary tap water containing dissolved sodium chloride. The electrolysis of such salt solutions produces a solution of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide. The resulting water is a known cleanser and disinfectant / sanitizer.

How the S350e Disinfects

Toto S350e uses the cleaning and disinfecting properties in two ways. A pre-mist of eWater coats the toilet bowl surface when you sit down. The bowl pre-coating means solid waste slides easier on the misted surface than a dry surface.

Second, the S350e he uses eWater for misting the bowl a second time after use, or every eight hours if the bowl isn’t used. The second misting doesn’t eliminate weekly toilet bowl cleanings, but it does keep the bowl noticeably cleaner between regular scrubbings.

Other Luxury Features

The Toto S350e has some great standard features found in high-end electronic bide toilet seats.

But, the S350e offers a few luxury features not found in most standard bidet seats.

The luxury features not found in other seats include:

  • Aerated water stream for added softness
  • Unlimited warm water using less energy than other seats
  • Side to side wand movement gives a more thorough wash
  • A wide wash without the oscillation
  • Pulsating wash that toggles water stream between high and low water pressure
  • Non-pulsating wash has adjustable water pressure
  • Five different warm air dry temperature settings
  • Self-rinsing feature rinses nozzles with water before and after use
  • Toilet bowl air gets pulled through a built-in active carbon filter that absorbs the odor
  • Has a fully adjustable, heated seat for customized temperature settings
  • Automatic night light
  • Quick release docking station for quicker cleaning

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Benefits & Drawbacks of the Toto S350e Bidet Seat

The high-end Toto S350e electronic bidet seat has a quality and features that are hard to beat. Only the highest quality parts get used to manufacture the Toto bidet seats.

There is a long list of pros to this toilet seat, but there are a few cons as well.

  • Auto open/close lid
  • Pre-misting feature with eWater+
  • Auto deodorizer
  • Slimline remote control
  • Adjustable water nozzle position and spray width
  • Adjustable water temperature and water stream
  • Adjustable air drying temperature
  • Adjustable heated seat
  • Higher price, starting around $900
  • Pre-mist is very sensitive
  • Can’t sit on the lid
  • Short, 1-year limited warranty

Ready to Buy the TOTO S350e Toilet?

A Toto S350e provides some outstanding benefits once installed in your home. Bidets offer better hygiene for a cleaner feeling and help you become more environmentally conscious.

While toilet paper dissolves over time, with the new thicker and stronger options we seek, dissolution takes longer. Longer dissolution means the risk of clogging pipes go up by paper jamming the pipe flow or toilet trap.

Installing the S350e may not stop your toilet paper use completely, but it may lessen the amount used.

For most people, stopping toilet paper use isn’t a primary goal, but thorough hygiene is. The thoughtful design of the S350e covers years of continual development for the best cleansing experience.

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