Not all bathroom remodels are easy to do. Sometimes, you might end up with a design that just doesn’t work with the plumbing that you have around you. This toilet is one that doesn’t look like your typical bathroom fixture, but that’s by design. This is a specialty fixture that is designed to be installed where gravity drainage systems don’t work.

The Liberty Pumps Ascent II is one of the top-selling macerating toilets on the market, and not just because of its unique design. It’s a toilet that makes t possible to get the function you want without getting rid of amenities like comfort.

If you’ve been considering adding a bathroom onto your house and need a macerating toilet to do the trick, finding the right model is a must. To help you make an educated decision about your toilet, we decided to create this review.

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Why Would You Need A Macerating Toilet?

A macerating toilet is meant to be installed in rooms that don’t have the typical gravity drainage plumbing most bathrooms have. They do not require you to break concrete, and are designed to work by chopping up waste and expelling it through above-ground piping.

If you currently have a gravity drain, then you don’t need a macerating toilet. However, people who need plumbing flexibility in their bathroom design options might need to look into this niche toilet category.

Why Choose The Liberty Pumps Ascent II Over Other Toilets?

When it comes to heavy-duty waste removal, it’s going to be downright impossible to find a standard toilet that works as well as a macerating pump toilet.

Among macerators, there are few names that are as popular as Liberty Pumps—and for good reason. Liberty Pumps has been a mainstay because their products work well, stay durable, and also come with the standard creature comforts of a typical toilet.

In other words, it’s a brand that knows how to make products that remain upscale, even when plumbing fixtures typically wouldn’t allow for it. The Liberty Pumps Ascent II comes with a comfortable seat, a nice design, and a powerful grinding feature that ensures that you won’t need to worry about clogs. It also has one of the most powerful pumps in the industry. Who could ask for more?

The Liberty Pumps Ascent II: Key Features

A name like Liberty Pumps doesn’t get the accolades it gets without a lot of features. Homeowners who have installed the Ascent II in their homes find these features below to be the most popular:

  • Easy Install. The greatest thing about the Ascent II is that it’s designed to be easy to install. You never need to break concrete, can easily install it in a day, and can use the accompanying manual to get a better understanding of it.
  • Great Pumping. Getting your waste to an existing gravity line can be difficult. The pumpkin the Ascent II can work at up to 150 feet of length, and even push waste up to 15 feet in height.
  • All In One. Worried about having to go shopping for additional gear, just so that you can install your new toilet? Liberty Pumps gets it. That’s why they made sure to include all the items you need for a quick and clean installation in a single package. It removes the guesswork and gets rid of surprise costs.
  • WaterSense Certification. Most people don’t realize that macerating toilets can be WaterSense-approved. The Ascent II is looking to change that by providing powerful flushes while only requiring a scant 1.28 gallons per flush.This leads to lower water bills, less problems with your plumbing, and a more eco-friendly home. If you’re a fan of green living, the Ascent II can’t be beat.
  • Easy to Find Batteries. Like most macerating toilets, the Ascent II requires batteries to work. Unlike others, this toilet requires batteries that are remarkably easy to find. A single 9-Volt battery is enough to give you the power you need to make it work.
  • Easy Maintenance. This macerating toilet only requires regular cleaning, plus an annual cleaning of the electrical probes that help sense when waste needs to be expelled or pumped.

The Liberty Pumps Ascent II: Additional Features

If you thought that the Ascent II was a basic toilet, think again. This model comes with even more features that make it great. Other important perks to note include:

  • Elongated Seat. It’s no secret that most macerating toilets are installed in rugged areas. The elongated seat and chair height of the Liberty Ascent II makes your experience just a little cushier. After all, there’s no need to skimp on comfort just because you’re working with a macerating toilet.
  • Works With Other Hookups. If you wanted to hook your toilet up to a shower and sink, the Ascent II makes it possible. This makes the Ascent II a great pick for installations in cabins or similar rustic environments. Not all macerating toilets can say that.
  • Excellent Customer Service. Most people who are new to macerating toilets will need a little help from time to time. It’s good to know that the folks at Liberty Pumps have a very accessible hotline for any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Quiet Motors. All macerating toilets make some level of noise due to the motor that needs to be run to get waste removed. However, the Ascent II is known for being a quieter model compared to most others on the market. If you have sensitive ears, getting this model will be a smart move.

The Liberty Pumps Ascent II: Specs Chart

Part Number
Item Weight
121 pounds
Product Dimensions
29.75 x 20 x 32.25 inches
1 9V batteries required. (included)
115 volts
920 watts
Amperage Capacity
8 A
Installation Method
Floor Mounted
Water Consumption
1.28 GPF

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Is It ADA-Compatible?

Finding a good macerating toilet is hard enough, but finding one that is ADA-compatible can often feel like an uphill battle. Liberty Pumps is looking to change that, which is why they made sure that the Ascent II is ADA-certified.

The Ascent II’s ADA certification makes this model a popular pick in commercial locations that need an additional toilet, as well as in homes where loved ones may need mobility-friendly fixtures. Due to its certification, this model is strongly recommended for people who have disabilities requiring ADA-friendly fixtures.

Our Final Take: The Liberty Pumps Ascent II

Macerating toilets are a niche category where the pickings are slim. In many cases, people feel like they have to sacrifice comfort for functionality if they choose to install on in their homes or places of business.

Thankfully, Liberty Pumps decided to save the day when they bought the Ascent II. This toilet is made to create a comfortable bathroom experience, even when you might not have the typical plumbing outfits needed. With its world class pumping and maceration engine, the Ascent II raises the bar when it comes to easy flushing.

It’s also remarkably easy to install and is WaterSense-certified. If you are looking for a macerating toilet that actually does what it’s supposed to do and adds functionality to your room, you really can’t go wrong with the Ascent II.