Toto continues to impress with their line of top-quality toilets with the Toto Eco Soiree, a one-piece toilet with a high-profile tank and a luxurious design.

When most modern toilets need up to 6 gallons of water to flush residue away, the Toto Eco Soiree sticks to the ‘Eco’ in its name and takes just 1.28 gallons per flush.

TOTO Eco Soiree Review – What About This Toilet Stands Out?

The Toto Eco Soiree follows the same line as most of the other high-quality Toto products.

It has a luxurious design that easily slides into most types of bathrooms, fitting every style with ease.

It’s a powerful toilet that stays clean most of the time, thanks to the ultra-hygienic layer applied as a finish to the ceramic.

Out of the vast amount of features offered by this toilet, the most relevant one must be the incorporation of the double cyclone flushing system.

This system, named Tornado Flushing by Toto themselves, is a water-efficient and powerful flushing system that was developed by the toilet’s manufacturer.

The toilet has a soft close seat and an elongated designed, all put together on a resistant base made decorated with a skirted design.

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Specifications of the Toto Eco Soiree Toilet

Model Number
28.1 x 14 x 27.8 inches
Rough-In Size
Bowl Shape
Seat Height
Water Consumption
1.28 GPF
Color Choices
Bone, White, Beige
1-Year Limited

Features of the Toto Eco Soiree Toilet

The design of the Eco Soiree toilet is the product of many years of technological evolution.

Throughout recent history, toilet companies have struggled to create water-efficient toilets that are also capable of cleaning the bowl with each flush.

Toto has come out on top of this fight, developing the Tornado Flushing technology used in the Toto Eco Soiree.

This one-piece, relatively high toilet is made with high-quality materials that make the product last for many years. Its price is a tad above average when compared to other Toto toilets, but its performance does justice to the fee you pay for it.

The Soiree is blessed with a wide variety of characteristics. For you to get a better idea of what you’ll be buying, we’ve compiled a list of the Toto Eco Soiree best features.

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Toilet Design

Perhaps the most peculiar-looking of the Toto toilets, the Eco Soiree is built like a tank. It has a robust shape that looks very solid to the eye.

The toilet is decorated with a skirted design that aims to break the monotony and bring the toilet a step above its other Toto counterparts. The high-profile tank and the shape of the bowl go very well together.

The tank has a chrome tip lever located at its front, near the left side of the tank. The bowl has a special finish to keep it clean after each use, and the vitreous china used to manufacture the product is as resistant as possible.

You might need to scrub this toilet more often than some other Toto products, but it will still manage to stay clean for months at a time.

Although the toilet looks robust, the high-profile tank reduces the total amount of space that the toilet takes in your bathroom.

Bowl Shape

The elongated bowl shape of the Toto Eco Soiree has two purposes. First, it serves to maximize the comfort of whoever is sitting on top of the toilet.

Second, it increases the amount of residue and water that the toilet can hold at a time.

Thankfully, the toilet has a built-in spacious trapway that allows a lot of residues to be flushed together without clogging.

The shape of this toilet complies with the ADA requirements. Therefore, this toilet is eligible to be used by people with disabilities.

Since the seat is elongated, it has more room for people with weight issues or overall tall users – a feature that increases comfort for them as well.

The bowl is finished with SanaGloss to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

Seat Height

Toto has always aimed to produce toilets that fit the needs of the general public, while also keeping them ADA compliant.

With the Toto Eco Soiree, you’ll be getting a toilet with Universal seat height. This makes the toilet comfortable to be used by tall and short people alike.

Be warned, though – those who measure less than 5 feet might want to refrain from purchasing this product. If you’re buying this toilet for a child, there are better options out there. The Soiree is too tall for a child.

Flushing System

The flushing system of the Eco Soiree is custom-made by Toto themselves, and it aims to clean the bowl using as little water as possible.

Toto toilets are known to take between 1 and 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

The Toto Eco uses Toto’s world-famous Tornado Flushing system of 1.28 gallons per flush.

The water pressure is expelled to the bowl by the nozzles (located near the rim of the toilet).

Each of these nozzles allows water to flow in a clockwise manner, creating an effect in conjunction with gravity to remove all traces of dust or residue from the bowl.

Why Use the Tornado Flushing System?

Tornado Flushing is superior to regular flushing mechanics in almost every way. Regular toilets come with a variety of rim holes spread across the upper parts of the bowl, which let the water flow down.

Although this traditional flushing mechanic works well, it wastes a huge amount of water (some toilets use as much as 6 gallons of water per flush).

The Tornado Flushing system uses just a couple of nuzzles to distribute water across the toilet. Although the pressure at which the water is released isn’t as high, gravity and the laws of nature pull the water down fast.

This effect creates a cleansing power that saves you from scrubbing the toilet once a week – instead, you might need to clean it once every other month.

Toilet Installation

The Toto Eco Soiree is very easy to install. The main issue with it will be carrying its weight up to your bathroom.

Once you manage to place it, the process is very straightforward.

Since the tank and the bowl come together, all you need to do is attach it to your water pipes and fix the toilet on your bathroom floor.

Installation May Require Moving the Water Line

The toilet comes in a 12-inch rough-in size, although there are other sizes available if you buy it directly from Toto’s website (or certain retailers).

There’s a small chance that you might have to move your water lines, but you shouldn’t have many issues attaching them to the toilet.

If you’re not sure on how to do this, we encourage you to talk to your plumber. It might be better to pay a little extra than to accidentally damage your toilet’s connections.


The Toto Eco Soiree isn’t one of the brand’s cheaper options. You can usually find this toilet ranging between $750 and $990, depending on current pricing and promotions.

It’s a mid-to-upper class toilet, but the money you pay for it will save you a lot of water in the long run.

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Toto is known for creating high-quality products, but their warranties have never been particularly lengthy. Ideally, you’d want a warranty of at least 3 or 4 years (especially with a toilet).

Regardless, their warranties have rarely caused issues amongst buyers thanks to the durability of their products.

You can activate your one-year warranty via Toto’s website. Every Toto buyer is entitled to the guarantee – regardless of which seller you used to purchase your toilet.

Benefits & Drawbacks of the TOTO Soiree

You’ll be getting a lot of benefits from your Soiree toilet – the product has a lot of features that are sure to play a positive role in the life of whoever buys it.

We’ve made a list compiling the best features of the Toto Eco Soiree, and we’ve also included a few of its downsides that you should consider before buying it.

Top Benefits

  • Availability of the Tornado Flushing (dual cyclone) system
  • Complies with the ADA requirements
  • One-piece toilet
  • Deluxe feel
  • Universal height
  • Stays clean for a long time
  • Certified by WaterSense

Possible Drawbacks

  • It can be difficult to scrub given the shape of the bowl
  • You’ll need to clean it constantly to keep its factory gloss finish

Other TOTO Toilets to Consider

The Bottom Line

The Toto Eco Soiree has a design that differs a bit from the rest of the Toto toilets.

Regardless, it shares the best functionality features offered by most of the brand’s products – including the Tornado Flushing system that has made wonders for the brand’s environmental reputation.

This ADA compliant toilet is designed to fit the needs of buyers of all heights, weights, and needs.

If you’re looking to purchase a toilet with a powerful flushing system, comfortable seating, and visually-appealing shape, you’ll want to check out the Toto Eco Soiree.

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